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Do You Have A URL?

1. Do I have a (web)site / blog?

Yes, I do. You are reading it and also I have some other blogs too.

2. Can you access it?

Answer 1: Yes, if you are connected to the global network called Internet.

Answer 2: No, if you are trying to access from Free Basics by Facebook.

3. Why is my blog / site not accessible through Free Basics?

Becuase to make my site / blog accessible through Free Basics, I need to register my site URL to them (Facebook).

4. Why did I not add my URL to Facebook? Is it a paid service?

No, it's not a paid service. Even though it's free to register my URL, I am not going to add there. Why should I add my site to them, when my URL is already on the Internet? There is only one Internet. Free Basics !== Internet

Facebook is trying to take over the control of the global network in their hands and establish their empire in it. This is nothing short of Monopoly.

The Internet is always Free (Free as in Freedom) and Facebook is trying to put a chain on those free hands.

To understand the context better, there are two ways of Censoring in Internet:

  1. Blacklisting - list of sites not to allow (blocked sites).
  2. Whitelisting - list of allowed sites.

Free Basics is a WHITELIST CENSORSHIP which divides / breaks the Internet into fragments.

5. What do we need to do now?

Revolt against Freebasics! If you have a (WEB)site or blog take a Stand. Do not add your Website / Web-blog / Web Application / Web Service to Free Basics List.

Let us Stand for Internet Freedom.

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